Los Taquitos De Puebla Los Taquitos De Puebla is proud to provide a tacos prepared in a variety of flavorful ways to the Phildephia area. Besides offering classic Chicken and Steak Tacos, we also offer short rib, Chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage), and Chuleta Fresca (pork chop) styles. We use authentic Queso Chihuahua to smother fresh off the grill tacos for a creamy delicious bite. We have 6 vegetarian taco dishes and our menu features Alambres, layers of meat, vegetables, cheese, and tortillas, made fresh when you order. We are open from 11am till 11pm every day of the week; to ensure we can give you traditional tacos whenever have the need for true Mexican flavor. Experience our tasty Mexican cuisine by stopping by or ordering conveniently online today! Order Online Payment Options